Rebecca Song

Senior Recital Photos


Fine Arts Photography (Stylized Photoshoot)

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Stay curious, my friends. 

Always willing to learn and have fun. 


Natasha + Jeremiah

A beautiful candlelight wedding in the middle of December.

 Natasha & Jeremiah finally tied the knot in an beautiful wooded chapel. It was truly a memorable evening. 

Location: Norman, OK

Getting Ready

Natasha's mother helping her put on her wedding dress.

Natasha + Jerm3.jpg

Praying over the bride & groom before the ceremony.

They didn't do a first look, but they did want to pray with each other before heading out to get married. It was an emotional moment that didn't need to be filled with many words.

Natasha + Jerm2.jpg
Natasha + Jerm113.jpg

Their first dance.

I absolutely love capturing the real & fun moments like these.

Natasha + Jerm141.jpg

Alyssa + José

Engagement Session + Wedding Photography

The Engagement Session

Engagment (16).jpg
Engagment (8).jpg

The Wedding Day

Alyssa + Jose10.jpg
Engagment (16).jpg

Trevor + Chelsea


It all started when...

Chelsea and Trevor went on a date to Starbucks 7 years ago. 

They were high school sweethearts, so I was super ecstatic when Trevor messaged me about wanting to do a surprise proposal! Maybe it's a own personal opinion, but having proposals photographed became important to me (that was one of my musts for John! haha).

After a couple of meetings, secret Pinterest boards, and group messaging - we were able to pull off a grand surprise for sweet Chelsea. She thought she was tagging along with her best friend & her boyfriend's photoshoot for a couple's shoot, but little did she know this was all for her!

After a couple of "warm up" photos because it was super freezing with a 30 degree wind chill - it was time for a game that I "made up" (it was really Trevor's and Michelle's idea).

They had to write one thing they loved about each other, and the next is history! Enjoy~


It's not everyday that your best friend surprises you with an "YOU'RE ENGAGED" box filled with handmade props, confetti, and goodies.


Did you know Chelsie shopped for her own engagement outfit without even knowing it would be for her engagement?!

It was super freezing so covering herself with a scarf was a MUST.

For their second location, we headed over to Starbucks to get some hot coffee & a few more photos. Plus, it was a great way to warm up our frozen cold bodies.

A friendship photo was a must to celebrate this special day!

JuEun + Holly

My brother asked me to capture his special day (primarily video) along with some photos.

They got married in a beautiful white chapel in the heart of Dallas, Texas.

You can watch the video here.


Some getting ready photos

Couple photos after the ceremony

Selina + Jonathan

Married on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Photographing these two lovebirds was such a honor, as it was my first wedding I shot. They trusted me to capture the beginning of their love story & I couldn't have been more grateful. Being able to watch these young, Godly couple is what reminds me what marriage is all about - glorying God through it all.


Shawna + Zachary

Engagement Session

We took photos right before the sunset, so the lighting was all over the place, yet we still managed to get a lot of beautiful pictures. 

Shawna + Zach00001.jpg
Shawna + Zach00028.jpg

Their Wedding Day

(Coming soon in October)