What Makes Me Good?

We need to get one thing straight and out of the way.

I am not perfect.

You are not perfect.

Nothing on this earth is perfect.

Yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I am in need of Christ's saving work on the cross just as much as anybody else. I am not better. I still struggle with sin. I still can go back to the place of guilt and shame whenever I sin, especially since I am a believer and all of sudden I think I make myself good. I DO NOT make myself good.

Oh no.

Christ makes me good all the way. There is nothing I do that is holy and perfectly good. His out-of-this-world grace allows me to be seen as holy, loved, known, and holy. How stinkin wonderful is that?!?

And I just cannot take this! Because sometimes, I just can't take it. I can't in the fact that He keeps on pouring out His goodness, even if I go out blatantly sin right front of His face. I can't take it because I'm learning that I will always need His grace. Oh what a sinful human being I am! 

I can't take it because I have to know that I did nothing worthy to earn all this. How am I to just accept this gift? How am I to just take this never ending goodness?!?!

But Lord, what am I to do?

How can I make myself good?

But Lord, I sinned.

How am I to become good and pleasing to you?

And everything ends with His grace. 

And everything won with His grace.

This leads me to worship. My imperfect worship, but wholeheartedly for the Lord. His Love is so great, my heart desires to give everything to Him. 


"Christianity is represented by imperfect Christians trying to represent a perfect Christ.

This explains why everything bad about Christianity can be traced back to Christians, but everything good can be traced back to Christ."

- SJ Mattson