What I Learned From My Engagement

2 years and 6 months of dating.

13 months of engagement.

And now we're married. Marriage has been everything and more, but since we're not here to talk about that - let's talk about what I learned from being engaged.

  1. Enter everything with prayer. Pray about everything. Seriously, God has answered every single prayer and I praise Him over and over for His goodness! Give Him the opportunity to pour blessings in your life. Prayer has helped me keep my heart centered. This is so important because it's easy for anything to pull our focus away from God in this life - and we cannot afford to lose focus.
  2. It is WORTH. THE. WAIT. Fight for your relationship, fight to honor God together, fight for each other's purity. Remember the purpose of this whole relationship and don't forget to keep God first. We went to pretty drastic measures to maintain our purity but in the end, it was so worth it to honor God (like drastic as in, we only met with each other at the campus BCM and only had group dates). Don't get me wrong, it was so tough and it was met with a lot of lonesome crying because how I didn't want to do this - BUT God helped us through this. As a women especially, I feel like we can be more emotionally attached to our man, so I encourage you to pray for God to separate those emotional ties until you become married. God is so good. :)
  3. Have "adult" conversations with your boo. Short term goals, long term goals, your expectations of everyday life, finances, etc. It was so important to me that we knew how we would manage our finances and who would be responsible for what. I wanted to make sure we would be on the same page on all things money matter.
  4. It's never too early to prepare. I love all things planning, packing, and preparing... So I packed away my first moving box 13 months away from the wedding just because I was that excited and I don't regret it one bit! Nothing is wrong with being excited and preparing ahead of time (maybe not that early tho hahaha). Preparing ahead of time for marriage, moving, our honeymoon, helped us save a lot of money and prepare our hearts! But that's not to say that you can prepare everything in advance. We didn't know where we would live until a month before the wedding and it was a whole process of trusting God. 
  5. Enjoy every little "lasts" with your family. This is life before you become a married women, and it's not only a big deal for you, but your family too. My dad really wanted to have one last family trip and since it was important to him, I wanted to value that as well. 
  6. You don't need to do all the standard "pre-wedding" activities. I stressed how we didn't want to do anything out of tradition or expectation, so we didn't have any wedding showers/bridal showers/etc. Instead we had a fun bridal party get together weekend and that's it. The same went for our wedding day, we didn't do a bouquet/garter toss or other traditions we didn't want to do. We kept things simple and we loved it!
  7. Don't get carried away like me and buy a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Lingerie shopping for the first time yes please! But did you really need that vintage night gown set? Did ya really? 

Overall, being engaged was a fun time of lots of learning! I hope you girls got to take away some things as well~