We all need Him.

(Posted on August 11th, 2014)

This topic has been laying deep in my heart recently, and because of that I will try my absolute best to express it by keeping it short and sweet. 

We can be so harsh sometimes, us fellow believers. We easily point fingers at prominent Christians and call them out on every mistake they have made. We talk about such things of theology, and when others don't agree, we argue without gentleness and grace. When people don't share the same convictions as we do, we tell them it's wrong and that we are right. Sometimes we look down to people who just don't know Jesus. People who just don't know better.
But listen here, we all need Jesus. Yes, ALL of us.
We are all damaged and broken human beings of this world who desperately need Jesus. You as much as the next person. As fellow believers, we should be building each other up in love and praying for those who we think need our prayers. Believing that we are in a place of authority to stand in fury over such things is ineffective and quite harmful for your mental health. Hate is so much easier to express, but listen here, next time before you dehumanized others for not living up to your standards, know that we are all in need of Jesus. 
Approach with graciousness and choose love. 

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