This too, shall pass.

As I was standing in the quiet living room, it dawned on me that I don't have any papers due anymore. And that my tiring semester of student observations, lesson plans, exams, five 15 page papers are all over. Just like that.


It reminds me how each season, no matter how difficult it may be, will always be just a season.

It teaches me to enjoy today for all that it is - not being sick, being able to hold things without my hands hurting, living with my family before I go off to get married (that's a completely new & mysterious season for sure!! who knows what it all entails!), and have God teach & reteach me things that I've forgotten. 

When I logged onto my Tumblr today, I saw that I made a schedule post from last year that I've completely forgotten about, but it couldn't have been a better reminder! 

It said,

I see it will end just like that. In the middle of a sentence, in the middle of a story, and no goodbyes. No closure to the people here. I realize that we will meet again and some, we won’t. I see the only purpose of this life is to share the gospel, to advance the kingdom. Everything else is just done in vain. What then is it with our jobs we labor? What then is it with the days and weeks we live? We do make the most of it. We need to be sensitive to God’s guiding hand.

This constant reminder is one of joy. A kind of joy that knows not of what tomorrow, but trumpets forward unyieldingly. It's a type of joy that will produce gratitude in all the dry soil, only to spring of a multitude of beautiful flowers.

I hope this reminder is one of joy and hope for you as well.

In the good times, it causes us to lift out hands in praise. In the rough times, it gives us a hope to cling on to - that it is all momentary and this too, will pass.

Thumbnail image from the Wedding Sparrow