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Moments To Live For

There are times we find ourselves feeling lost.

We lose the whimsical happiness that once ignited our soul.

Entangled inside a dark invisible cloud,

It overcasts any sight of goodness,

Making us question our purpose,

Our worth,

Our existence,

The very gift that allows us to experience a magnitude scheme of things.

Grand in scale,

It can easily be forgotten.

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Overcoming Darkness

When I was around 13 , I had a small yet deep wound on my elbow... what a strange place to get a wound! Anyhow, the nurse at the hospital gave me a wet gauze so that it would heal quickly. I wore that thing everyday and had it changed every night by my mother. Then, one day while my mom was changing it, she gasped loudly. To satisfy my curiosity, I hesitantly walked over to the mirror to check my wound. I cried a river. My wound was 3 times it's original size. And years later, I learned from this scary personal experience that if you keep a wound closed too long, it won't heal. You need to be able to air out the wounds and hurts of your heart for them to heal properly.

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