Moments To Live For

There are times we find ourselves feeling lost.

We lose the whimsical happiness that once ignited our soul.

Entangled inside a dark invisible cloud,

It overcasts any sight of goodness,

Making us question our purpose,

Our worth,

Our existence,

The very gift that allows us to experience a magnitude scheme of things.

Grand in scale,

It can easily be forgotten.


You’re surrounded by the natural wonders of the world,

brimming inch to inch with wonder,

Producing the right amount of curiosity to you eager eyes. 

Greeted each morning with a subtle symphony of chirping birds and awakening flowers,

And kissed goodnight with a masterpiece painted in the skies.

The ability to create authentic relationships with others,

Sharing joy,

Untold Stories,

Laughing until it makes your stomach hurts,

Healing the wounds in our hearts,

And patching it with Love,

Stringing our lives together into a perfectly coherent manner.

Experiencing a moment so precious,

so rare,

 that you try to take in as much as you can to preserve it -

To consolidate it into a lasting memory.

Enjoyment from the mundanity of waking hours,

Because every breath screams life and purpose.


The daily rhythm of your life may be disrupted with unwanted occurrences,

Stripping away any bit of familiar happiness,

At times the force of life will be too much to bear,

so be ever so quick to return to the place of light.

Where it will welcome you with gentle hands,

Allowing your eyes to see outside of your circumstances,

Freeing the heavy chains you wear  -

      Liberating you from bondage.

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