Hit Pause.

(Posted on May 18th, 2014)

I have developed an addiction. An internet addiction. I have an unhealthy attachment with all my social media, and it has only gotten progressively worse the past month. In this very moment, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind if I stay on the internet any longer. I'm going mad I tell you. Ironically, I'm talking about my internet addiction online....and even more ironically my research paper this Spring was over the negative influences of social media (and I certainly developed all the negative side effects). I wanted to share pieces of my essay along with some newly written sentences, and maybe you can relate to it. 

We are standing in the eye of a theoretical hurricane moving at 127 mph, technology is changing at a fast pace and we just cannot keep up. Yet, we try our best to keep up. Stretching ourselves thin, only to feed on the continuous cycle of chaos. We tell ourselves we can do a multitude of tasks at once, only to realize that we've completed them in a mediocre manner. We feel a sense of duty to feel productive by topping our day with scandalous details of celebrities and refreshing our twitter feed. The main problem with this detrimental habit is that it robs our sense of presence by welcoming disturbance and wasted time.  It’s the age of relentless interaction, but ironically seasoned with social dissatisfaction. We have million more ways to connect with others, yet never been further away apart from each other. We have been dragged inside an aphotic hole of social platforms, promising a false illusion of complete fulfillment for our lives. Social media breaks all barriers of distance and time, with a simple access to the internet.  
Often times we fail to assimilate the delicacy of time and presence, mainly because social media has fooled our idea for what it means to engage in life. We’ve divided our attention into two sectors: reality and perceived reality, reality being the tangible lives that we traded in for the impression for a more enticing one. We consume each waking hour with a rapid, unsteady flow of information retrieved from our pale fingertips. In which it allows us to create small fragments of fulfillment in the life we create, in a constant motion of sharing and communicating. It gives the impression of endless possibilities for the type of person we want to be, essentially, making us feel infinite. But we are not, we are finite beings. We need rest and meaningful interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, we just need to hit the pause button.

*As of Monday, I will be participating in a "No internet/technology" week. As someone who must learn self-control, this a must. This shouldn't be that difficult for me since I do a "social media break" like every other month. However, since this is an internet break, not a social media one, I will be journaling everyday and blog about it the following week! I just need to regain my sense of presence, and then I can go back to going online, but in moderation. Remember, everything in moderation or you will certainly lose your mind (or maybe that's just me). Until then, see ya!

*Photo from @kccesiro Instagram page