From His Perspective...

(Posted on January 24th, 2015)

I started reading Exodus last night and something simple yet relevant resonated within me. I encourage all of you guys to read chapters 1-10 before getting into this blog post.

Exodus begins with the Israelites being forced to live a life of slavery, because the Egyptians were afraid that they were going to turn against them. The Israelites lived a life of cruel oppression for many years. Then, Exodus shares the birth and life of Moses, but most importantly, it shares how God uses Moses for His good purpose. So remember, the Israelites are under severe oppression and suffering. They probably saw absolutely no hope for their lives, instead saw a life of barbarous treatment and long days under the scorching sun. 

In chapter 2 verse 24-25 it reads, "So God heard their groaning, and He remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God saw the Israelites, and He took notice."

Let me repeat that verse, this time highlighting the words that stood out to me in bold.

"So God heard their groaning, and He remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God saw the Israelites, and He took notice."

This verse struck a loud chord! I could hear the notes inside my head saying, "God has heard you. He has not forgotten you. He took noticed in his beloved."

Just when I thought all the notes have been played, there was a symphony waiting for me.

So God speaks to Moses about how He is going to use him to get the Israelites out of the land of oppression and into "a land flowing with milk and honey" (This sentence provides an imagery of a fruitful land). However, Moses did not feel adequate for this task so he moans and groans telling God to use someone else. 

Then God responds, "I will certainly be with you" in chapter 3 verse 12.

Then in Moses asks, "If I go to the Israelites and say to them: The God of your fathers has sent me to you, and they ask me, 'What is His name?' what should I tell them?"

Then God responds in the most epic way possible saying, "I AM WHO I AM."

Stay with me folks...

After that, Moses tells God how he is really bad at speaking, because he is a slow and a hesitant speaker. He begs God to use his brother Aaron for this task, and so Aaron becomes the spokesmen with Moses by his side. Then, they both go off to ask the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go with them to the wilderness, but with Pharaoh's hardened heart he says no (read the bible for full response). In the process, the Israelites are given more heavy labor to do, because of this unpleasant result, Moses asks God, "...why did you ever send me?" 

Here comes the symphony.. 
In chapter 6, God responds to Moses by saying, "I am Yahweh" around 4 times throughout the chapter.

It was saying, "Look at who I AM, not who YOU ARE. You are capable of doing this, not because of who you are, but because of who I AM." Then it hit me like a tidal wave 10 times over.

Here is Moses, doubting God because he was focusing on who he was. 

How many of us are doubting God, because we aren't seeing Him in a light of sovereignty?!
God tells us that he hears and has heard us. God has proven himself trustworthy countless times, yet we doubt because we're not looking at who HE IS. 

This new understanding has silenced me and taught me to just be still.  

It taught me to pray and live with expectancy in my life, because of WHO HE IS. 
It taught me that when God chose to rescue the Israelites, it was less about who they were, and more about who God is. A loving, good God. 
It taught me that truly anything is possible, only because He is Yahweh.

May all praise go to God! 

Image from: 
Misma Andrews