Fall Lookbook: Blog Edition

(Posted on October 26th, 2014)

Hello darlings! 
This year, I decided not to do a Fall Lookbook video due to many reason, but mostly because I wanted to focus on creating content with value in my eyes. 
However, I had all this footage that I didn't want to put to waste, so here it is....a Fall Lookbook blogified.

Outfit idea 1: Weekend bonfire with friends

Hair: Wild and untamed - with a beanie to hide it's lovable mess.
Temperature: High 60s to low 70s.
Tip: Give funky socks some mclovin' - You can wear ankle length skinnies to really show off them feet huggers.
Random Information: I bought this flannel because of 2 reasons. One, the color was so quirky & fantastical. Two, this looked like something my dad would've wore in his college days and that made me so happy.
How to do Fall: If you don't feel motivated to study, watch Harry Potter and specifically focus on Hermione, the inspiring intellectual. Or Emma Watson. I mean they're basically the same person. 

Outfit #2: Cozy, Autumnal walks

Hair: Mini half bun or half ponytail (since my hair is too short)
Temperature: Around the 60s
Tip: Replace the clogs with some ankle boots or wear clogs without socks. (Sadly I thought the clogs+ socks would work, but I ended up having a hard time walking!)
Random Information: I actually scored that beautifully knitted cardigan at Goodwill for 4 bucks! 
How to do Fall: Get yourself a good book to read, make yourself a heart-warming drink, warm yourself with a bunch of blankets, look like a marshmallow and enjoy your alone time. 

Outfit #3: Layers upon layers upon layers

Hair: Tousled and wavy 
Temperature: rainy & cold 
Tip: For maximum coziness, start off with a thermal shirt underneath and begin the layering process.
Random Information: I never had the chance to wear this yet...I'm still waiting for it that chilly Fall day. Sigh. 
How to do Fall: Plan a road trip with some friends, frolic in the colorful leaves, celebrate your friendship, eat donuts, and have some hot coffee.