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Moments To Live For

There are times we find ourselves feeling lost.

We lose the whimsical happiness that once ignited our soul.

Entangled inside a dark invisible cloud,

It overcasts any sight of goodness,

Making us question our purpose,

Our worth,

Our existence,

The very gift that allows us to experience a magnitude scheme of things.

Grand in scale,

It can easily be forgotten.

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Overcoming Darkness

When I was around 13 , I had a small yet deep wound on my elbow... what a strange place to get a wound! Anyhow, the nurse at the hospital gave me a wet gauze so that it would heal quickly. I wore that thing everyday and had it changed every night by my mother. Then, one day while my mom was changing it, she gasped loudly. To satisfy my curiosity, I hesitantly walked over to the mirror to check my wound. I cried a river. My wound was 3 times it's original size. And years later, I learned from this scary personal experience that if you keep a wound closed too long, it won't heal. You need to be able to air out the wounds and hurts of your heart for them to heal properly.

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One More Stop

Imagine that you're riding on a crowded subway, and in one stop you'll be exactly where you needed to be. For the duration, you probably wouldn't want to unravel your mess of a bag and get too comfortable in your seat, simply because you want to be prepared to get out on time. Nor would you want to get distracted and miss your station. Most likely you would want to be alert enough to make sure you get out on time, that is you goal after all. But then, the street entertainers begin to play a smoothing melody, and your vision becomes hazier and hazier by the second. Within a minute, you snap out of it because you forgot to buy milk on the way over. You silently lament over your forgetfulness, because all you wanted to do was eat cereal and watch the last season of frien.....oh darn. You missed your station.

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