Are We Against the People or For the People?

(Posted on September 24th, 2014)

During gym class, I could hear two girls tossing their snide comments behind my back to each other. 

"blah blah blah her thigh gap blah blah I like when my thighs touch blah she's too skinny blah blah blah more blah"
[That was not a direct quote]

I mean, they were 4 feet away from me, so it wasn't that difficult. It was kinda annoying that they didn't even bother to do the whole "let's talk about that person while their gone" or at least 20 feet away. Nevertheless, I let it pass because they just didn't know better - like myself at one point (although I would never do the commenting whilst the person was right in front of me). Oh, but I also didn't say anything to them because it wouldn't have solved the problem. 
Let's be honest with ourselves, when was the last time you did something like that?
Sharing a belittling comment about a particular person with a group of friends. 
Saying something rude to someone.
Mumbling unnecessary negative remarks.

Carrying a conversation that relied on gossip and judgment.
Having a friend because you share a common hatred for someone.

But why must we treat life as a competition and people as road block? Why do we compete for love and satisfaction that we feel the need to take it away from others? Why do we tend to be so against each other?

These are some questions I asked myself last Sunday, and I've been pondering on it ever since. There is an Arabian proverb that reads, "The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?" And that my friends is a good mentality to have! The power of our words should not be underestimated, and because of that words should be carefully spoken. The community has potential to be such a better place just by making others feel good about themselves, instead of bashing them in every area that they don't meet up with made up standards. Our words are capable to uplift and comfort others, that's right, a simple combination of spoken words can actually speak life into their day. How amazing is that?!?

So I challenge my you guys to try to have a conversation that reaps fruit, where gossiping and snide remarks are absent, and to consciously treat others with love.

With tons and tons of love, Rebecca. 

Image by: Grace and Guts
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