Advice from me to you

(Posted on July 20th, 2014)

1.) We were created to be good at a few things and bad at things. The worst thing we can do is waste our finite time trying to master everything.  It's important to gain a realistic understanding of your capabilities. 
Learning this was especially difficult for me because I lived my whole life in this little fantasy created world, and as I grew older I knew I had to face reality of truth.  The truth that some of my longings and my abilities were on two separate realms (let's face it, I can't be a famous singer because my voice sounds like a mixture between horse noises and a prepubescent boy). You see, I'm the type of austere critter who pretty much wants to be an expert in whatever I do, and that just stirs me off course in what I may actually be good at and enjoy. 
Note that this not a discouragement for all my fellow dreamers (like myself), hard work and tons of practice can help you master whatever you want to do! It just helps to become intentional in what you want to pursue.....

2.) Pursue what makes you light up (specifically I'm talking career wise or even hobby wise). You can’t be good at everything, so why not go after what makes your heart beat? Blood pumping. Adrenaline going. Palms sweating. It makes you talk a little faster when someone asks you about it, that you might forget to breath. You've heard it, life is short, so why not spend it actually doing something that makes you feel alive? 
However, I'm not advocating for you to live your life fueled by every single one of your desires, because we may be fueled by the wrong things. Your heart has to be in the right place for you to be able to discern such desires. Some our desires may be "thrown up by my physical organisms or pumped into me by other men's thoughts or even suggested to me by devils" as C. S. Lewis once said in Mere Christianity. It's important to be at a place where you can examine your desires/longings and see why it is what it is. 

3.) Whether you still do this or not, we've all done it before. That thing where we think our life would be better if we only had one more thing................Just one more thing, I promise.
If only I had a boyfriend/girlfriend, then my life would be perfect......If only I had the newest phone, then I wouldn't feel so lame.....If only I had this more money, then I could dress well........If only I could travel there, then I could be satisfied.....If only....If only....  
It's this kind of thinking that destructs the attitude of gratefulness. When we learn to cultivate contentment with our lives as it is, anything added to our lives will feel like an incredible influx of blessing! 
Common by-products of discontentment: taking people/things for granted, continual self-indulgence, living unintentionally, sadness, etc...

4. ) A great way to show someone you love and appreciate them is by giving your time.  Just being present is enough of a present in itself. Have you ever liked the attention someone gave you? Bet you did. The thing is we liked to be listened to and paid attention to... so the next time your friend/parent/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc is talking, earnestly listen and just be present. Trust me, they'll like that a lot. 

5.) "When I get married, divorce is NOT an option." 
I read this so often on the internet, that I must dismiss a common overlooked notion about marriage. Most people do not get married with the idea of getting a possible divorce. Marriage is work, because two differing people need to learn to work out their differences with each other.  It takes action, not empty affirmations to keep a marriage (or any relationship) afloat.

6.) Listen to what your parents say, what they say has extreme value. They speak out of years of experience and only want to prevent future hardships for you. I learned it the hard way, but through that way it allowed me me to truly value what they say. 
(Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone.)

7.) Do not make decisions fueled by fear. 

8.) It's important and very necessary to take pauses. In this ever so fast paced life, where busyness is praised, it's imperative to take a moment of stillness and silence. Pauses help us enjoy our surrounding and hear our thoughts more clearly.  
*Take pauses in moderation.