A Letter For Those In Waiting

Woah hi there. I’m surprised that I didn’t blog for a whole year on here - this new marriage thing has been all kinds of wonderful. But I didn’t stop sharing stuff with you all during that year, it was just on different platforms like youtube and Instagram.


Isn’t it so awesome how God uses all things for His glory, including this little struggle of mine (personal deets to follow).

I learned that our relationship with Jesus isn’t to get rid of all areas of vagueness in our life. He isn’t there to zap away the spaces we use for worries and anxieties. I learned that those spaces can be turned into place where we come to trust Him with our life. With lots of spiritual discipline of course.

Uncertainty pushes us to look beyond this life, and rest in the beautiful relationship with can have with our Father. He is BIGGER than your life. He bigger than the things you do not know.

Isn’t that so humbling?

We ask for an answer and He asks for all of us.

This is a lot like what the “waiting” period of prayer looks like. We’re itching to see the prayer come into fruition that it can become all-consuming.

I know the feeling.

I’m currently in the waiting period now (regarding a job if you must know). God has spoken dearly to me & I’m just like a little kid going, “When? When Lord? Is it time yet???” As if I know what’s best for me. pfffft. Sometimes, I get so antsy for the prayers to be answered RIGHT NOW that I can see why Sarah disobeyed God. You know the story where God establishes his covenant with Abraham (the covenant that his own offspring will be many and he will be a father of many nations). But what happened after God spoke of His covenant and Sarah saw she was still childless? She went out of her way to get a child in her own time. If that teaches us anything, it’s that all acts of disobedience is costly and we need to learn to trust in God’s timing. I mean, did you hear about the ripple effect that Sarah’s disobedience had on humanity?

So I had to learn how to make the most of this waiting. I didn’t want to just sit around, wishing things would happen now and getting discouraged when it didn’t. I want to make this time worthwhile and be able to look back and say, “I’m so glad I made the most of it.”

So the bottom line is simple: We offer ourselves to God in full obedience during this waiting process. Not that we don’t offer ourselves when prayers are being answered, but even more so when our hearts become distracted of what could be. We wake up each morning reminding ourselves of God’s promises (like how He said He would never leave you/forsake you - Hebrews 13:5-6) and embody the living hope of God.

We do not fall back.

We will stand strong. BUT only by God’s strength. So I raise my coffee cup to this waiting period!

Love, Rebecca

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