A Focused Heart: It's All or Nothing

(Posted on October 10th, 2014)

This month I adapted an idea from an online blogger, Athena, who specifically focuses on one word that really felt God wanted her to grasp that month.  I thought this would be a good idea to try out because I know sometimes I know what a word or phrase is about (such as loving others for example), but I can forget to live it out (by only loving those who love me back). This month I'm focusing on the meaning of self-sacrifice. I chose this word because even though I wouldn't like to admit it, but I can be very much all about myself sometimes. In fact, whenever I'm not intentionally thinking about NOT being selfish, I usually am, because selflessness takes conscious work and training. Why? Because it goes against our human nature to only think of ourselves. Moreover, I chose this word because I would like to grow more in Christ and to do so it'll take pain and sacrifices. I'll share you what I have learned from this month, as soon as November comes rolling around! 

How many of you guys are drowning on the rumbling motions of life? I know that happens to me quite often! I can say deadlines can start to overwhelm me, posting on YouTube or on my blog can feel like an obligation at times and that's when I just need to stop and be still.
Just take a moment with me. 

Clear every thought of what you planned to do today (don't worry you can think about a few minutes later), and stop what you are doing. I want you to think about each question carefully and answer them with your honest heart. 
(If you want to make sure you are being honest with yourself, grab a mirror and answer it in the mirror.)

Are you spending time with God daily? If you aren't, what is stopping you?

Are those things more important to you then Him?

When do you tend to reach out towards God? Why?

Are you depend on God on a daily basis or do you make your life feel secure so you don't have to?

Do you share the gospel with others or are you keeping it for yourself?

How much of your life have you given to God? Is He a part of your life or is He is your life?

Those are just a few questions to ask yourself this morning/afternoon/evening.
As it is written in 2 Corinthians 15:2, "Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!"

Have you guys heard the phrases, "go big or go home" or "it's all or nothing?" Yeah I say that A LOT to myself, especially in the moments where I know not of fear and I want to do something crazy. Well it's safe to say that's exactly what God would want from us, all or nothing. You are either going to give him all that you are to him or nothing at all. There is no in-between.
I know life can get busy and messy all at the same time, but God doesn't want your halfhearted attention. He wants all of it. He wants you to be so focused on him that the entirety of your life revolves around him. We were created for God glory, not our own. We were created for his duty, not our own, so why are we making it all about us?
As God's handiwork, we were created to further his kingdom and make disciples of all nations, but how can we do that when we are caught up in ourselves? When we are seeking our personal happiness, security, fulfillment, desires, and comfort, we are saying "God I got a hold of my life & I do not need to be dependent on you."

Listen my dear friends, He does not want a lukewarm, comfortable, and steady faith. In fact, God actually spoke about lukewarm faith in Revelation 3:16,"So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth!"  

It's time for us to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and okay with feeling uncertainty, because we fully trust in God and in his provisions. I know as I seek out the raw, untainted meaning of surrendering to God this month, I know it will be painfully uneasy, but that's nothing compared to what Christ has done for us all. 
If you're living a life before God without any self sacrifices, I encourage you to join me this month or next month to partake in this spiritually exercise and really strengthen up those muscles! I wish you guys the best & stay tuned for my next blog post

Lovely "October" Photo by SheChoosesJoy

As an end note, my birthday was last weekend and I wanted to share a few pictures!