Things I'm Learning

(Posted on August 28th, 2014)

1.) The only time you should reflect on your past is to remember good memories and the lessons you learned, otherwise it's best to keep moving forward. Don't let your past mistakes and heartbreaks keep you in bondage and sink into a bottomless pit of despair, set your eyes on what's ahead of you.

2.) Don't make decisions when you're mad or hungry or sad. Chances are you'll buy things you don't need, do things you shouldn't do, and say things you don't mean.

3.) Pick your role models wisely, and when you do, do not put them in the place where God should be. I don't know about you, but whenever I was a kid and I had a role model (usually a Disney celebrity), I would set unattainable set of standards and I was always let down. People are great, but everybody fails sometimes. 

4.) I'm so terribly broken, and every time I come before Jesus I realize that I am. No matter how much I try to keep my life together, there will always be times when my fragile spirit is all over the place. But it's all okay. He still loves me immensely and that knowing that makes me feel so full and happy. 

5.) I have way too many social media accounts, and I think sometimes that makes me go a little coo-coo.. I have these moments where I HAVE to unplug everything and breathe because real life is just so much better. 

6.) I'm so so so so so bad with coping with stress. I can't stress how bad I am. Pun intended. I don't know how to cope with it and I'm still learning that you don't need to email your professors that you're freaking out over the possible idea of not getting a good great because you only wrote one paragraph instead of a page of an analysis because you weren't listening to the directions because you had to listen to your bladder and go to the bathroom...*LETS OUT BIG BREATHE* 
Side note: I ended up getting an A.

7.) It's one hundred percent okay to not have it "all figured out." There's this large pressure to have your future figured out, this happens especially whenever I go to the doctors..
A wise plant once told me, "You need goals, ambition, fun, not having everything "figured out."
Side note: That plant was a twitter account. Probably a human in disguise as a plant. Bummer.