The story behind the blog

4 years ago I decided that I want to start living a life of "doing" instead of simply dreaming - this website is a celebratory result of that. 

This blog is entirely fueled by the mission to lead a whimsical yet intentional life of love, creativity, boldness, and humility - and all this wouldn't have been possible without God's love pouring down on me. 

I hope that this will be a place where we can guide and encourage one another, seasoned with gentleness and grace. A place where we can learn more about the glory of our risen King.

So friends, let's help one another bloom.

Love, Rebecca.


My Twitter Updates

I'm Rebecca and I'm the one behind this blog! 

I'm a 24 year old who loves breathing the fresh morning air and smiling until my cheeks hurt.

I am married to a Jesus loving man who treats me like a princess and we have 2 corgi pups. Their names are Charlie and Peaches and they’re a bundle of joy!

I treasure the feeling of feeling absolutely free and alive, and I strive to feel it everyday.

I have a heart of a child and a health of an 80 year old - but I'm fighting to make this a life well lived. 

I make videos on YouTube and it was through this casual hobby that out grew a heart for filmmaking. The whole art of filmmaking has captivated my curious heart, and I hope with that passion I'll be able tell visually stunning stories someday.

But most of all, I'm a broken and flawed individual in immense need for the endless love my Savior, Jesus Christ, provides me. I dare to be captivated by the living God and surrender all my ways to Him - and I'm still learning everyday. 


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